What is SYPWAI and why the world needs it?

SYPWAI is a young British startup founded by Theneurosphere. The commercial organization, which started its activity two years ago, managed to conquer many people with its capabilities and functionality. Rapidly developing, the company covers all the opportunities available to it, thanks to which SYPWAI is known in many countries around the world.

SYPWAI specializes in the development and training of neural networks with their subsequent implementation in people’s lives and various business processes. Together with the best scientists and geniuses of IT, the company successfully started.

The main feature of this technology is the people, thanks to whom the implementation of this idea becomes possible in the near future. We can say that SYPWAI generates workplaces, since the cooperation offer is relevant to absolutely everyone: students, retirees, subject matter experts and so on. The startup actively invites all Internet users. Using two algorithms of work, general and special, people without tech education can take part in artificial intelligence training.


Today, more than 11 million users from 15 countries are SYPWAI platform users. An impressive number for a new startup.

Thanks to their great intensity and promising proposals, the company partners are giants in the fields of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, green energy, and information technology. SYPWAI has managed to win the favor of many influential people, thanks to which its advancement in the market is more than rapid. The company tirelessly repeats its slogan “Solve your problem with AI”, which is the engine of this progress.

Why everyone should know about SYPWAI

Every business should think about its main task: why it is needed and how it can benefit.

SYPWAI’s main goal is on the surface. Knowing how much our planet needs help, the SYPWAI team of enthusiasts simply could not ignore this aspect.

The main idea is to learn how to prevent global cataclysms before you have to work on eliminating their consequences. While developing information technologies, it is very important to adapt them to different people to achieve the maximum, and SYPWAI is well aware of this.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new thing, but it was the SYPWAI startup that managed to integrate its idea into absolutely every area, cooperating with ordinary people at the same time.

Making the world a better place is the main goal of the company. SYPWAI offers real solutions for automation and production modernization. And for the process to move as quickly as possible, profitably and with the maximum minimization of production errors, the startup proposes to use AI technologies, which will allow to spend not only less time, but also reduce the consumption of natural and material resources.

Since the company wants to bring the maximum benefit to society, SYPWAI simply could not bypass the human resources. Of course, as many might believe, the study of AI technologies with its huge databases takes not only a lot of time, but also requires certain hard skills. Nevertheless, the startup managed to completely dispel this stereotype, proving that everyone can train artificial intelligence.

Why SYPWAI AI training technology is unique and how people can make good profits

Have you ever wondered how neural networks are designed, how they collect huge databases and how they are trained? And what if you find out that even without a tech education, you can independently train neural networks, improving artificial intelligence.

It is thanks to SYPWAI that this became possible. The startup has developed a platform through which the user can join the training of information technologies of the future in two clicks.

It is said that it takes years to study the work of neural networks, but the work with the SYPWAI platform does not require special skills of its users, so absolutely everyone can become a member of the team – a plumber, a retired pilot, a student of the Faculty of Philology.

The platform is developed using open source technologies, which makes it possible to combine with the various artificial intelligence tools available today. It will provide easy access for developers and enterprises.

The interaction between the person and the platform is quite simple: a registered user must solve problems of different complexity. For example, choose a certain image with the presence of an object on it.


SYPWAI algorithms are similar in many ways to Facebook, Instagram, or even Google’s CAPTCHA. When interacting with content (for example, when the user lays his gaze on a post of a certain subject or searches for the same type of photos, searches for certain profiles or subscribes to them), advertising (the user follows the link, leaves applications, follows the link and stays on the site or profile) artificial intelligence algorithms inside the platform are self-taught, so in the future the user will see only posts or profiles that are interesting to him. For example, the AI algorithm recognizes that the user on the other side of the screen is a 35-45-year-old man interested in cars and traveling around Europe. Accordingly, publications and topics should be consistent. This means that, for example, he will not see an ad with baby strollers or women's clothes.

The SYPWAI device is based on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. We think everyone knows about this amazing gadget, a little more than a matchbox in size with a lot of functions and capabilities.

Fun fact: The Raspberry Pi was originally designed as a budget system for learning computer science and easy access to computer education. After a while, the gadget was appreciated at its true value all over the world, and the range of its application expanded five times.

The latest Raspberry Pi model, which, is used in the SYPWAI startup devices, has the most powerful quad-core processor, a USB Type-C power port, two micro HDMI, thanks to which it is possible to screen images to two 4K monitors, two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.0, RAM can be selected according to your preferred characteristics (maximum 4 GB). The user will see significantly faster download speeds and much better performance for processor-intensive tasks such as emulation and media usage.

How to participate in the program?

SYPWAI is in the final testing stage today. For users wishing to join the platform, this means that they can take advantage of the offer by requesting a referral link from a regional manager. The manager will help the user register, give detailed instructions and always will be in touch in case of any questions.

Now, the official launch date is not advertised, because, as SYPWAI said, they need to thoroughly study all the problems and fix everything to the slightest issue, so that millions of people around the world can freely use the platform. So far, a limited number of participants use the platform. SYPWAI waits for the analysis results of the data submitted by the first users.

To become one of the first to get the opportunity to test the SYPWAI platform, it is required either to purchase a device with door-to-door delivery or to buy part of the SYPWAI capacity. However, delivery can take from a week to several months (it all depends on the user’s location). That is why it is better not to delay registration.

Payment is made in all available ways: GРay, Apple Pay, PayPal, cryptocurrency and cheque.

How to register a new user?

To register, you need to go through the standard procedure – enter your email and come up with a secure password. After that, confirm your email in the Sypwai system and add a phone number, so you can receive news and, if you forget your password, you can reset the old password and generate a new one.

Sypwai customer support

People working in the SYPWAI platform customer support can help in solving a user problem in a matter of minutes. Focusing on the problem, we find solutions to optimize the company’s work, so do not be upset if technical support suddenly needs a little more time to solve this problem.

SYPWAI tries to ensure that the solution to the problem is clear and quick. Sometimes it is enough to answer a simple question, and in some cases, you need to contact a specialized person who can understand the problem from the inside, give a detailed explanation and return performance to a normal level.

SYPWAI reviews

We try to collect as much feedback as possible because we need to understand in which direction the user wants us to develop. Since the beginning of SYPWAI’s activities, we received several hundred positive reviews about the work on the platform, however, some could not fully understand the platform, which entailed the quite expected unsatisfactory reaction. So, we would like to once again point out the importance of the regional manager, who will not only help to understand the platform functionality but also answer all your questions.

We thank everyone for their active participation in the development of the programs of the future and for supporting us. For SYPWAI, users must know and understand what kind of profit can be obtained in the long term: this is an improvement of the environment, the popularization of green energy and a better future for everyone.

It is worth recalling that you can easily and simply buy SYPWAI by ordering on the official website, as well as from partner companies.